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City of Hamilton district plan mapInside the Regent TheatreMay Day rallyHamilton Public Library (The William Paul Hall)H & J Court window displayBuildings being demolished after the Bryce Street Market fireMap of Hamilton Borough 1927Children's playground at Hamilton Lake DomainAn elevated view of Victoria Street north of Alma StreetRoyal HotelThe New Empire HotelInspecting the gutted Bryce Street Market Faville's bakery and foodstoreJuke Box, 1993Railway houses in FranktonJoe di Maio's Gelato Arlecchino in Garden PlaceFrankton Town HallQueenwood Motors Ltd

About this website

The aim of this website is to share some of the many and varied heritage materials held by Hamilton City Libraries in Hamilton, New Zealand. The purpose of our heritage collections, located on Level 3 of the Central Library, is to preserve Hamilton's rich cultural and historical legacy for future generations. As well as books, journals and magazines, the heritage collections include the Waikato Times from 1872, unpublished letters and diaries of early Waikato settlers, and memorabilia such as movie programmes from the 1930s. There is also a large and growing collection of oral histories ranging from architecture to the experiences of new migrants. To interact with this website, please click here.
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